Renee’s Journey

Fitness has been one of my ways to escape. I’ve been through so much in my life and didn’t know where to release my stress and pain. I grew up in foster care, I was thrown around like trash. I was sexually assaulted from age three to eight years old, physically beaten by my adoptive mother and told I was ugly and worth nothing. I joined the military after high school to run away from my past to finally feel safe. Little did I know I would be assaulted two more times while serving. My first marriage was abusive so much so that he gave me two black eyes and a broken jaw and I allowed it. I almost died giving birth to my daughter and the list goes on and on. But now through building strength mentally and physically it’s become an outlet for me. I love lifting heavy weights, HIIT, and motivating others in group fitness classes. I am no ones victim. I am victorious. Everything that was sent to break me only made me stronger. I learned to love me in all aspects. Now I love inspiring women and men that whatever they are going through they can make it through. One foot in front of the other. #slightwork

-Renee Hemphill