Monroe's Journey

I used to think I was in shape when I was younger because I lifted weights, or “worked out.” This was in my teens and early 20s. Fast forward to present day age of 32, with 13 years in the Army and being something like a self proclaimed philosopher lol; I was so wrong back then. 

I now understand that being “in shape” isn’t about how much you can lift or how fast or far you can run. Being in shape is being in a constant state of awareness and evolution. It’s a multi spectrum existence that consists of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. I mean think about the term, “in shape.” What shape? A circle? A square? Like, what actual shape am I in? 

I can say that the dynamics of having a healthy, multi spectrum existence means there are certain principles, morals, ethics and standards that shape my way of living. These attributes shape my character and personality. Which in turn means learning and mastering myself to the utmost understanding and application of myself. 

In turn I become aware and recognizable myself, and I then know what shape I am, or that I am in. Because that’s what shapes are, recognizable objects that we’ve learned to perceive projections of and call it a name. 

Monroe Staples